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British Cultural Values/Values, Virtues, Visions & Vocabulary poetry package

I 'm a co-founder of Memoryhme Education and helped pioneer the 'Values, Virtues, Visions and Vocabulary' project in the West Midlands which impacted over 3,500 pupils and culminated in a multi-school regional showcase.

The workshop is delivered as a KS2/KS1 whole school celebration of live literacy and offers a legacy outlet for work produced by schools. The day begins with a fun assembly where pupils explore values and virtues themes and vocabulary, then, go on to create the best (and engaging) performance poetry they can; incorporating beatboxing, dance, music, acting and more to help bring their words to life. The final hour of the day closes with a creative high energy performance showcase featuring all classes. Work produced may also go on to feature in the Values and Virtues Anthology and on Memorhyme’s social media platforms. 

Teachers’ CPD training is also available. Ideal for single and two form entry schools. KS2 typically explore the core themes of British Values as guided by Ofsted (Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law, Democracy and Individual Liberty) whilst KS1 explore ‘Diversity’. Themes can be changed to suit each school’s bespoke values, virtues or visions.


Safeguarding Vocabulary & Pupil Voice

The workshop encourages pupils to become more aware and confident using values and virtues vocabulary as a supporting intervention to reduce hate speech and attitudes. The format of the poetry showcase inherently offers a platform for pupils to express their messages about the themes in a creative way.


Teachers' resource pack - run the workshop independently

The Values, Virtues, Visions and Vocabulary teachers' resource pack for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 is a comprehensive whole school values literacy resource that includes year group activities, support videos and assemblies. Using some of the best practices of performance poetry in education, the resource adds to the teacher tool kit, to help build literacy confidence, curricular attainment and pupil progress, starting with the Ofsted guided themes of Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Democracy.

The resource was produced from a multi school project which reached 3,500 pupils in a literacy celebration of values vocabulary. See the brief video below and download the resource from the resource shop.

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Values, Virtues, Visions & Vocabulary, Teachers' Resource Video 


Below are some video testimonials from teachers...

Values & Virtues - Head Teacher's feedback

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Kurly & Matt Windle delivering a full day British Values workshop with 240 pupils at George Salter Academy