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On my visits to schools around the U.K I've met many wonderful people, some already knew they were creative and others found out during the course of a workshop. Here is a peep at some of the creativity, ranging in subject and expressive style.

If you have contributed to this page, firstly thank you for your input! I hope you enjoy seeing or listening to your work here and continue to take your creativity further!

To have your work uploaded here please speak to your teacher/parent/carer/youth worker (the person who booked my visit) and politely ask them to send it (either as an attachment or Youtube link) to: 

Try your best to type up your poem/rap neatly and correct any spelling mistakes before sending. Make sure your work is the best it can be for others to see!

Well done and keep up the great work!! 

Perton Middle School - Justice & Leadership workshop

'Facing Forwards' by Anti-knife Crime track by The Edge Academy Pru pupils

Set to Stormzy's 'The Crown', with The Edge Academy Pupils, British Police Symphony Orchestra and anti knife Crime campaigner Alison Cope as part of the 'Key Change' project to promote positive choices and use music and poetry to engage, educate and help make positive change.

Park Hill Primary School - Class Sonnets


Year 9s from The Earls High School. 'Identity' poems

Year 6 Equality solo poem

Summerfield Community Project

Wellington Literary Festival

Hear our Voice!

The following three poems were written during a workshop at the Youth Engage event at Birmingham Council House 2015.

Your Poetry and Raps player

Womens Aid - Abuse Awareness

The Willows Primary School 'Poetry Week' poem

'Going For Gold'

Scooter Rap from Reach PRU

Connors Heart Broken Rap

Community Project in Birmingham

St. Michaels Church Community Centre


Georgia Year 9

Grace Roberts aged 8

There's high, low and middle size views 
If your not careful you'll end up blowing a fuse.  
I can't imagine the beats, so fast like hearts  
But something special is so creative, Art.  
You know, that this is as high as a wall 
Which of course is extremely tall.  
Don't loose your temper no need to fear,  
I'll calm you down with a letter that starts Dear 
If I make a story that actually linked 
I'd really really have to think   

By Grace Roberts aged 8 


Kirsty and Beth Year 8

Louis B & Michael S. Year 9 & 10 PRU


Every day I see conflict

And the harm it inflicts

It causes war like Hitler

Instead of having fun like Stifler

Guns and bombs are for war

Instead we need to feed the poor

Everyday we hear about killing

I think we all need to increase on the chilling

Not chilling too much cos thats not good

Dragging down yourself by smoking bud

Turn on your T.V and listen to the news

Another day another murder up by the Blues

Some people act hard trying to be the bully

Is it because they dont understand themselves fully?

Thats why they end up turning to guns

Thinking they're big but they're really bums!

I wish people would stop and see

That with conflict we'll never be free.

The Willows Primary School 'Poetry Week' poem

Haron Year 9